Baby Gender Selection

For most of us, it’s an absolute miracle and joy that we can have children, but what about for those people that want to push that miracle one step further, by determining the sex of their child prior to conception and pregnancy?

Baby gender selection has been debated all around the world on many occasions, particularly of late, with people who have been through gender selection talking about the various tests that they have to go through to determine the gender of their child. These can often be painful and intrusive and have many moral and legal pros and cons in different parts of the world. They can also be quite costly so, unless you have plenty of spare cash lying around, they aren’t going to be part of your gender choice equation.

To understand about planning your baby’s gender before conception, you must firstly fully understand exactly how conception works in terms of an egg being fertilized by a sperm. There are 2 different types of sperm, X and Y sperm, and both have different genetic makeup’s, including a determining factor in what sex your child will be. If an X type sperm reaches the egg first, this will produce a girl baby. But if it is a Y sperm that makes it to that egg first, you will end up having a baby boy.

In addition to this, ovulation and its timing is also crucial in determining baby gender. Then you’ve got to make sure your diet supports an X or Y sperm environment  – there are specific foods you can eat to swing you into the direction of conceiving either a boy or girl, and this will help you determine what foods are best for you based on which gender you wish to have.

Finally, sexual position is also a contributing factor in determining the sex of your baby pre-conception. When you have all of these factors working together, and not against each other, it will make for not only a healthy and trouble-free conception, but will also help you determine the gender of your child in as natural environment as possible.

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