Prince Or Princess Guide - What Is It?

Each year couples and families all around the world make perhaps the most important decision of their lives – to have a child. Having your own little prince or princess is a truly magical experience and comes easily for most of us, for others though it’s a little more difficult. Even more difficult however, is balancing up the family numbers for those of us with all boy or all girl children.

So what is the Prince or Princess guide and how can it help you? Alicia Pennington is a successful mid-wife with over 12 years of pregnancy nursing experience, and is also a mother herself. She has helped countless women through the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth, and has seen the varying emotions women experience during this time. The common thread that Alicia found in these emotions was that there were times when women wished they could have chosen their baby’s gender before conception and in doing so, created their idea of the perfect family.

During this time Alicia went on her own personal journey of having children, and successfully chose the gender of both children through completely natural methods. Having perfected her baby gender selection method, Alicia became a “baby planner” of sorts – she has since gone on to do the same for hundreds of women worldwide. In fact when she first released this guide the women who used it achieved an unbelievable 95.7% success rate!

The methods in this guide have been proven by countless women to be successful and if you’ve ever wanted to discover a way to help you determine the sex of your child prior to conception, without endless doctor’s appointments and costly, invasive medical treatments, then look no further than this guide. It is all the help you’ll need in your quest for pre-conception gender selection.

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